Our office strives to offer the latest and greatest in dental technologies and tools to make your child’s trip to the dentist the safest and best it can be. We do cleanings, examinations, restorations, and the things most dental offices do, but here are some of the things that make our office unique.

Atmosphere- You’re in outer space or swimming under the sea! Themes change about 5 times a year making it a new experience every time! Come see what our bears are wearing today.

Personal Care Dr. DeYoung will personally examine your child at every cleaning and examination appointment. This means that your child will see Dr. DeYoung every time they visit our office.

Terminology- We are very careful to communicate in a gentle manner with our patients. There are certain words and phrases that we recommend you don’t use when explaining dental treatment to your child. This list is available to our patients’ parents so please ask us.

Movies- Watching a movie is a great way to help children relax while they are having dental treatment. Does your child have a favorite movie? Bring it along and they can watch it while we do our work. Also, we have a library of movies for your kids in the office.

Intra-oral Camera- We use this camera as an educational tool for patients and their parents. See decay up close and personal or take a picture home of your smile.

Digitized X-Rays- This type of image allows us to take x-rays with the lowest amount of radiation possible. A lead apron with a thyroid collar is always used when taking x-rays to offer our patients the best protection.

Nitrous Oxide- Your child will wear a little mask on their nose that will help to relax them during dental treatment. Nitrous Oxide is completely safe and is only in your child’s system while in use. We turn off the nitrous oxide at least 5 minutes prior to your child leaving our chair and give them oxygen only. There will be no nitrous oxide left in your child’s system when they leave the treatment room.

Laser- Using a combination of energy and water, the laser “blasts” the decay away! The laser is similar to traditional dentistry but with more patient comfort. Most often, no local anesthetic is necessary. Please be aware that not all patients will be candidates for the laser procedure. Dr. DeYoung and her staff will discuss if the laser is a treatment option for your child.

We follow OSHA and CDC guidelines for maintaining a clean office. Your child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.

Our office has invested in Surgically Clean Air. This equipment uses a 6 stage filtration and sterilization process to remove particles from the air including odors, gases, mold, allergens, and viruses. Your family’s health, safety, and comfort are very important to us!

Princess Exam Room