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Eruption Chart

Tooth Trauma

Dental injuries occur every day. Some injuries are minor and require little or no treatment while other injuries may require multiple treatment appointments.

If you have any questions about trauma to your child’s teeth, please refer to the following website for information on the various types of dental injuries or call our office. We are here to help.

Click here for information on mouth and dental injuries in children

“Sipping Decay”

A child who has a habit of constantly sipping a sugar or acid containing liquid during the day or night will be more likely to have decay begin early. To prevent or reduce “sipping decay”, water or non-sugar containing liquids can be given at non-meal or bedtimes. The table below shows the sugar and acid contained in some popular beverages.

Acid* Sugar**
Low = Bad Per 12 oz serving
Pure Water 7.0 (neutral) 0 Tsp
Barq’s Root Beer 4.0 11 Tsp
Minute Maid (R) Orange Juice 3.8 9 Tsp
Propel (R) Fitness Water 3.4 1 Tsp
Red Bull (R) 3.3 10 Tsp
Sprite (R) 3.3 10 Tsp
Mountain Dew (R) 3.3 12 Tsp
Diet Coke (R) 3.1 0 Tsp
Sierra Mist 3.1 10 Tsp
Full Throttle Energy Drink 3.0 11 Tsp
Diet Pepsi (R) 3.0 0 Tsp
Gatorade (R) 2.9 5 Tsp
Sunkist (R) Orange Soda 2.9 13 Tsp
Dr. Pepper (R) 2.9 10 Tsp
Vault Energy Soda 2.9 12 Tsp
Amp-Mountain Dew (R) 2.8 11 Tsp
SoBe (R) Energy Citrus 2.6 12 Tsp
Minute Maid (R) Lemonade 2.6 10 Tsp
Pepsi (R) 2.5 11 Tsp
Diet Schweppes Tonic Water 2.5 0 Tsp
Coca-Cola (R) Classic 2.4 10 Tsp
Battery Acid 1.0 0 Tsp

* Laboratory tests, Dr. John Ruby, University of Alabama, Birmingham School of Dentistry, 2007.
** 4.0 grams = 1 teaspoon sugar Minnesota Dental Association, Sip All Day, Get Decay, c 2002.